Gully cricketers take on the Indian team

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The bowler turns around in sheer dismay, fielders go slackjawed and the neighborhood chicas suddenly know your name.

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If you're a diehard fan you might prefer the red cherry ball and pristine whites on a dusty cricket field that look like the "before" picture in a washing powder commercial.

The rest of live and breathe for the joys, and terrors, of tennisball gully cricket in Mumbai.

Eight overs a side, knockout styleAt a time when the average Indian is ambivalent about loyalties to national or IPL teams, it was only a matter of time before an enterprising sponsor saw fit to bring the "best of the best" in gully cricket up against players considered good enough to represent our cricketmad nation.

Wouldn't it be cool if some backyard David slew a national team Goliath on the playing field? That's the premise behind The Nike Cup, which launches on a tobedetermined date in November.

Key rules (for the entire list, visit the official website):Eight overs a lebron 12 what the lebron sideTwo overs per bowler

No bouncers

A wide or a noball nike lebron 11 sale is four runs

No fielding restrictions, but a captain cannot place all his fielders on one side only lebron 12 elite

Innings ends at the fall of the seventh wicket

Players are between 16 and 22 years old.

Games are expected to lebron 11 for sale run for a tidy oneandahalf hours. Could these become the desi precursor to streetballstyle basketball tournaments popular around the world.

500 teams competeOrganizers expect more than 500 teams to register. Apart from the opportunity to play against members of the Indian cricket team, the organizer's website states that "there will be a number of prizes to be won along the way in the tournament."


Think you can put together a 12member Mumbai team that can take on the best criketers in the country? Register online or call +91 966 447 8803 before October 27, 2010.